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Do not read further if you want spoilers for the next game I'm doing, it has something to do with Dangan Ronpa, but not entirely.

But then again... if you clicked on this, you probally want to see inside, so whatever.


8-12 (Undecided on players wanted)

Roles that a player can be this match. (Trying to balence by Buffing/Nerfing.)

Having 9-12 points allows you to escape.


  1. No revealing roles to anyone else
  2. Roleplay
  3. Hope to live
  4. Have fun
  5. Follow Your Goal
  6. Trust Your Gut
  7. When the Game ends, I'll annouce the winners, the escapists, and the fallen. (Also Everyone's roles.)
  8. Rules must be told at the beginning.


  • Puzzle phase - Split up into groups and solve puzzles with your team.
  • Roaming phase - Explore the many rooms of your prison. (You can murderer during this phase!)
  • Ambidex Game (AB Game) - Ally or Betray your opponents. Your choices affect the amount of points you gain or lose.


 AB, Puzzle, Roaming, AB, Puzzle, Roaming, ETC.

Roaming Phase

Roam around the map, exploring for items, weapons, the map... (or even kill someone!)

AB game

Players are put into a group, either 1v1 or 1v2. Each player starts off with 2 points. They pick Ally(A) or Betray(B)

Ally vs Ally

Each player gains 2 points

Ally vs Betray

Betrayer gains 3 points, Ally loses one point.

Betray vs Betray

Both Betrays lose one point.

If a player ever reaches 0 points, they die.

You may kill somebody here, but it must be on majority vote and for a good reason.(Having the most points isn't a good reason.)

Puzzle phase

Teams must solve a puzzle, fastest team to solve gets a reward.

How teams are organized? Here are a few ways...

  • AB game

 ^How this works

Let's say both teams pick ALLY.

Then they both join team B.

Let's say one presses Ally and one presses Betray

The betray team gets to join team A, and the Ally goes to team C.

Now let's say both pick betray.

They both go to team C.

  • Digital Roots (Add all of the digits of a number unti you only get one left, Example: 12+20+13=45, 4+5=9)




Tick.. Tick... Tick....

  • Roles:Selected
  • Map:100% Completed
  • Puzzles:12 Created
  • Players needed, any number between 9-12